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Cherry County Board of Commissioners will meet the second and last Tuesday of each month, at 10:00 a.m. in the Cherry County Courthouse for the purpose of conducting any and all County business that will come before the Board.  A current agenda will be on file in the office of the Cherry County Clerk.


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Dear Registered Voters of Cherry County, NE,

In order to ensure that every voter in Cherry County has an equal opportunity and accessibility to exercise their right to vote, an application was submitted to the Nebraska Secretary of State to process elections for all precincts in a single, uniform process.

The Nebraska Secretary of State has approved Cherry County to be an All-Mail Election County in its entirety. This now includes all 20 election precincts in Cherry County, NE.

The largely rural state of Nebraska has begun a drastic shift in the process for conducting elections. Reasons for this change include difficulty of finding poll workers, the distance of travel to and from polling sites, Federal regulations regarding accessibility, and the need for increased election security.

Cherry County was at the forefront of pioneering legislation changes to allow for the ability to increase voter accessibility in rural communities. The success in Cherry County has influenced Election Commissioners across the state to offer this new level of accessibility and security to all the voters in their jurisdictions as well. 11 of 93 counties in the State of Nebraska are now conducting all-mail elections county-wide. 17 additional counties have at least one precinct processed via mail.

In Cherry County elections have been conducted by mail for 17 of the 20 precincts since 2006. The direct impacts since the initial implementation of all-mail precinct elections have been exceptional voter turnout increases, the ability to ensure that voters have the correct items on their ballots, and it allows voter rolls to be purged of voters who have moved out of county or out of state.

Beginning with the 2020 election cycle, a ballot will be mailed to each voter’s registered address no later than 20 days prior to any election. Return postage will be provided should you choose to return your ballot by mail. You can also return it in person directly to the Cherry County Clerk’s Office.

The Cherry County Courthouse will always remain an ADA accessible polling place for all registered voters in this County. Voting booths will be available for those who prefer to vote in person. You are welcome to bring your ballot with you that was mailed to your residence, vote it in a poll booth at the Courthouse, and deliver it to the Cherry County Clerk’s Office until the close of polls on Election Day.

The returned ballots will be kept in their original return envelopes in a locked ballot box, which will be kept in a vault after business hours. All voters’ signatures are verified upon receipt of the return envelope and ballot in the Cherry County Clerk’s Office. All ballots will remain in sealed envelopes until Election Day when they are opened by the Resolution Board and prepared for counting.

This change will not affect your ability to request an Early Voter’s Ballot prior to the 20-day deadline for mailing ballots.

 If you do request an Early Voter’s Ballot prior to the deadline, then you will not receive a duplicate ballot.
Requests for a ballot to be mailed anywhere other than the Cherry County Address where you are registered to vote must be made to the Cherry County Clerk’s Office prior to the 2nd Friday preceding any election. This would include college students as well as anyone planning to be away from home for an extended period during an election cycle. Please contact the Cherry County Clerk’s Office and we will get your ballot to you!

We invite you to call, stop in, or email at (402) 376-2771 or with any questions or concerns that you may have.
Respectfully yours,

Brittny Petersen, Cherry County Clerk / Election Commissioner